About Us


A brand which is simply empowered by its sense of glamour, the exclusive fashionable design and the exceptional craftsmanship, perfectly balanced to accentuate an admirable product of a remarkable quality. A pioneer in the art of footwear, the company is one of those handful brands which doesn’t outsource their products but instead design and manufacture the entire collection, and which is supervised with extreme sophistication and care. The technique of ‘baking your own bread’ helps us innovate and fulfill any demand that walks our way along with assisting a woman to customize her footwear as per her choice/need.

    Vision and Mission

    The company’s vision is to provide sophisticated and excellent quality product crowned with uniqueness, as well as feasible to anyone, anywhere on this planet, with a simple touch of fingers. Preppy is dedicated to a mission of consistently innovating in footwear either in the form of design or the product itself.

    Vidhi Khatri
    The brand traces its roots to a bespoke fashion designer graduate named, Vidhi Khatri, based in South-East of Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai, India. A young, keen and diligent woman traversing and learning the minor details of the world, with a soulful interest in the accessories of woman. Dedicated to c